Welcome to Accubits’s DevSecOps public page.

The Night's Watch, formed to protect the Cyber Realm of Accubits, is inspired by Game of Thrones, embodying the same principles of honour, duty, and loyalty. The Night's Watch is organised into two distinct departments: DevOps, who are responsible for the creation, maintenance, and optimisation of the infrastructure, and SecOps, who are tasked with the security and guarding of the cyber realm. These two departments work together, ensuring that the cyber realm is always kept safe from any and all threats. Furthermore, the Night's Watch is also in charge of monitoring the activities of the cyber realm, and ensuring that any suspicious activity is reported and dealt with swiftly and effectively.

“We are the sword in the darkness. We are the watchers on the walls. We pledge our lives and honor to the Night’s Watch, for this night and all the nights to come.”


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